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Hi! I recently graduated from the Game Design program at Futuregames in Stockholm, focusing on Level design and Narrative design. But the education also entailed scripting, game design, presentation and much more – giving me a broad understanding of the game industry and the different parts that go into making a game.

I’m first and foremost a team player; I thrive in an environment where I can get loads of constructive feedback but also being able to give it. Not only am I helping my colleagues that way, but I’m also furthering my own understanding and knowledge as a game designer by trying to analyze someone else’s work.

I love being able to spitball ideas in a creative setting, taking an idea and build upon it, expanding other’s thoughts and concepts – but also seeing my own ideas grow in someone else’s hands. That kind of synergy is so exciting to me. This has been part of the core of my game design education at FutureGames, but also from my copywriter educations at Medieskolan and Berghs School of Communication and is something I really enjoy. It’s from others’ feedback that I grow and get better, to try and understand what I can improve on and how. That’s the beauty of game development to me, where we come together as a team and make something creative.

Being creative is more or less about solving problems, although that’s rarely easy to do. What I love about problems is that I’m forced to try different approaches, see things from new angles and think outside the box. Problems push me to evolve, to get better at what I’m doing and find new ways to reach my goals.

With Regards,

Daniel Sandin